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E-Letter Volume 31, Holiday 2014

Here's to Finding and Keeping Talent in 2015

Gifts The Associated Press reported earlier this month that the number of available jobs had increased 21 percent in the past 12 months and that the number of people quitting was at a six-year high of 2.7 million. This puts pressure on all employers to step up their efforts with regards to both recruiting and retention.

So, in the spirit of giving this holiday season, I’m offering readers and new subscribers a couple of practical tools (free for the asking) to assist with both finding and keeping talent in 2015.

A Practical Tool for Finding Talent

To help with finding the right talent, I’ll be sending on request “64 Guerilla Tactics for Proactive Sourcing,” which lists ideas I’ve compiled over the years for sourcing and finding job candidates, divided into the following 11 categories:

Employee Referrals, Social Media, Job Postings, Talent Pool Expansion, Website Enhancement, Community Outreach, Incentives/Accountability, Target Populations, Former Employees, Alternative Media, and Loosening Job Requirements.

Here’s a sampling of the Guerrilla Sourcing Tactics:

#1.___Create or revitalize your employee referral program to increase employee awareness of the program, by giving a bigger bonus for employee referrals, or by holding a drawing for paid vacation (or other valued prize) to those who have referred successful new hires during the year.

#9. ___Use Linked-In Recruiter to quickly develop a list of 20 or so prospects by clicking on the “Similar profiles” and “Viewers of this profile also viewed ...” buttons.

#12.___Post jobs on local university websites, or call university career centers and explore ways to reach new graduates. Develop relationships with career center directors so they can repeatedly refer quality candidates. Get to know university department heads. List positions through your university’s alumni office.

#15.___Create your own training course or center and recruit top graduates to attend.

#22.___Contact real estate and relocation firms that are interested in assisting relocating spouses with finding new jobs. Seek referrals through welcoming organizations.

#26.___Make your own website more compelling and effective by showing streaming videos of engaged employees discussing their career paths and what they like about the company.

#34.___Volunteer to speak to a class at a university or nearby community college. Mention that you are available for “on-the-spot” interviewing.

#39.___Begin evaluating hiring managers based on “new-hire retention rates” to make them more accountable for “quality of hire.”

#41.___Entice a retired (or about-to-retire) employee to “un-retire”, work part-time, or consult.

#45.___Send cookies to the homes of recent college grads or other top prospects on New Year’s Day with an invitation to come in for an interview.

#51.___Start an “alumni” e-letter and send holiday greeting cards to former employees to stay in touch.

#59.___Retain a free-lance writer to interview current employees and write an article to submit to a local news outlet about your company as a great place to work.

#61.___To increase the pool of interested candidates, eliminate certain undesirable job tasks and reassign those tasks to easier-to-recruit employees, or reduce academic GPA or experience requirements that limit the pool of qualified candidates.

#64.___Stop limiting your recruiting to “the best” universities. Many of your best hires may be found at lesser-known universities and state or community colleges.

A Practical Tool for Keeping Talent

On the retention side of the equation, I’m offering my free guide, “Conducting the Stay Interview” to help you keep your most valued talent and re-engage the disengaged. It features guidelines for planning and preparing for the meeting and 19 questions to stimulate discussion and bring critical issues to the surface.

Simply respond to this e-mail and I will e-mail you back these finding/keeping tools with my compliments and best wishes for a very prosperous new year.


Leigh Branham


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